The Connection Between Personality Types and Academic Track Choice

Student In A LibraryThe implementation of the K-12 program has changed the educational landscape in the Philippines. Schools around the country needed to adapt to the changes, and so did the students.

With schools like St. Edward Integrated School adopting the K-12 system, students are required to pick the right academic track for them. This can create a problem for those who have not decided on what they want to do yet or those who may feel like they want more than one academic track.

Choosing the right academic track might be rooted in a student’s aptitude. But personality types could also influence their decision.

The Different Personality Types

There are various personality type tests, like the Myers-Briggs Model. The big five model, however, is universal. The “Big Five” personality types are extraversion, neuroticism, openness, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.  The following are short descriptions for each one:

1. Extraversion- Likes to start conversations, has a wide circle of friends. This personality type displays sociability.

2. Neuroticism- People who fall under neuroticism are highly anxious and get upset easily.

3. Openness- People that rank high in openness are imaginative and insightful.

4. Conscientiousness- People that rank high here are goal-oriented

5. Agreeableness- A tendency to care about and be interested in others, and enjoys helping others

The Link to Academic Track Choice

Studies show that there are distinct personality differences in students from different specializations and this can help in making an informed choice.

Students who want to take up humanities, for example, ranked lower in extraversion than prospective military students. Meanwhile, business students displayed high traits of extraversion and neuroticism but were low in the other remaining traits.

These results show more than just personality differences across disciplines, they show that personality type can also be a factor in academic choice. So while proficiency with a subject is critical, it’s also advisable to consider personality type when choosing the right academic track for you.