The Different Types of Keywords You Need to Know

keyword button on the keyboardKeywords are an essential part of SEO or search engine optimization. They can mean the difference between an active site and one relegated to the Internet frayed to die.

SEO Werkz and other digital marketing agencies stress the importance of finding the right keywords for your website and putting them in the right places. Below are the different types of keywords you may use for your content:

Keywords that define the market

These are terms that your targeted audience will use to talk about your industry. Naturally, these phrases are broad, and so they are harder to rank, but this does not diminish their importance. They are essential for optimizing SEO on-page and jump-starting content generation. You can use them by including them in broad questions within your write-ups.

Keywords that define the customer

When your customers are talking about themselves, there are words that they commonly use. Finding out these words can help move your SEO further up. They can help you to find other people who interact with your target audience, even the ones within your niche. These terms give you insight into the manner that your audience speaks so that you can address them as appropriate. They allow you to connect with your customer.

Product keywords

Whatever it is that you sell, there are words commonly used to describe it. For instance, if you sell computers, you might use their brand names. You might also use their specs, but as a thing to note, with these, be as specific as you can be. It will help you prospect for particular areas within your niche and find opportunities there.

Using the right kind of keywords and having the right keyword density is very important. It can make or break your site. It could mean discovering an untapped potential within your market to explore, or it could mean being on the 20th search engine page where no one looks. The stakes are high so by all means, find a professional to do it for you.