The Food You Eat and the Health of Your Teeth

Person eatingEver since your Mum educated you on the adverse effects of not taking care of your teeth, you always tried your best to keep it as healthy as possible. You avoided sugar, flossed once a day, brushed twice a day and booked appointments at that private dental practice here in London.

If, by chance, you are still trying to get rid of cavities despite your healthy routine, then the food you consume might be the culprit.

The Food to Avoid

Your dentist always reminded you to steer clear of candy as it causes bacteria. It does not matter if it is hard or soft candy as it can still easily get stuck in the cracks and crevices of your tooth. The bacteria will use these spots as their home, while they feast on sugar that ultimately produces cavities.

As much as you cannot live a day or a few hours without coffee, you have to lower your consumption. In fact, its health benefits will not make up for the tannic acids that soften the enamel of your teeth. To reduce the side effects, ensure that you regularly brush your teeth and drink water afterwards.

The Food to Consume

You can continue your daily dose of dairy, including milk, yoghurt and cheese. These contain an acid that has a neutralising effect that can counteract acidic foods. For instance, consuming cheese while drinking wine is a good habit.

Calcium-rich products protect the enamel of your tooth by replacing its minerals, besides keeping your bones strong. Vegetables are great for your body, but they are also beneficial to your teeth, too. Consume more veggies, like celery and carrots that hold plenty of water.

These do not only stimulate saliva, but they also serve as natural tooth scrubbers that contain bacteria fighting enzymes.

The bottom line is, you can easily maintain your dental health by remembering the food that you need to avoid and consume. Do not forget about fluoride toothpaste that helps retain and restore the minerals in your teeth.