The Impact of Move-Away or Relocation on Child Custody Orders

Child Custody Is your once happy marriage now a nightmare you want to get rid of?

Let’s face it, ending a toxic relationship and filing for divorce is one of the hardest things couples have to do. But despite the anger and the heated arguments, separating parents must continue proper care for kids. If one cannot agree on a suggested plan for raising happy, healthy children, this is where the court comes in.

In most situations, a court will create an order that both parties have to consider. After going through all the rules, divorcing parents need to decide matters concerning the health, education, welfare, and future of the children.

Like other legal battles, however, a child custody case has its own fair share of potential issues. One of the most complicated is allowing the proposed relocation of the noncustodial parent.

Perhaps the ex-spouse has received a better job opportunity or need to be close to immediate family for support. Whatever the reason, there is confusion at some point. Read on to know what can be the possible impact of relocation.

Change in Parenting Time

Though it’s normal for a person to get away from problems, it’s not a good idea to relocate when you have kids. As legal professionals, like Lewis & Matthews, P.C. explain, the parties must agree to the relocation, in which case the court will generally approve the parenting time modification. If the parties do not agree, then the court will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages to the children of any proposed relocation and parenting time modification. Should the court not agree that the relocation best serves the children’s interests, the relocation of the children will not be allowed.

Change in Parent-Child Relationship

Another possible effect of move-away has something to do with the quality and strength of parent-child relationship. As kids grow up, they need the guidance of both the mother and father. This is the reason handling a relocation case is never easy.

As child custody laws vary from state to state, it’s important that you know what to expect before making a move. Conduct a thorough research and get some professional help before a situation gets out of hand.