The Language of Flowers: Finding the Right Flowers to Say

RoseDifferent occasions call for different gifts, sometimes even flowers. In the Victorian era, all aspects of flowers meant different things.

Flowers are a great way to compensate and stand in for words. As simple as they are, the charm and appeal of flowers differ from kind to kind. There are different bases for its interpretation, like colour, number and arrangement.

Here are the following flowers that each say the following message.


Aside from being a crowd favourite, roses are given on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries—events commonly concerning your significant other.

Bud Florists shares that the universal message behind giving someone roses or a single one signifies love and how each colour represents a different kind of love. Red is for more intimate and passionate ones, while yellow is for friendship and white is for love in its purest form.


Much like roses, they symbolise love, but only its declaration or confession. Its colours vary in meaning as well, with red tulips symbolising romance and being deeply in love. Yellow tulips, on the other hand, stand for cheerful and happy thoughts and simply mean, “just because”, which are great for friends. While white tulips are great for asking forgiveness and symbolising an apology. For a happy congratulatory message, pink tulips are a great representation.


No flower is like the sunflower. Its simple beauty and bright yellow can turn anybody’s frown into a smile.

Its quality to follow or bend wherever the sun goes encapsulates its meaning and symbol of warmth and happiness—making it the perfect floral present to someone who’s been feeling down and out. They also mean longevity and loyalty.


Daffodils are a popular choice for childbirths, anniversaries and momentous events, like graduations. The flower represents new beginnings and rebirth with the happiness that comes along with it.

Moreover, it is a signal to winter’s end, ushering in the warmer seasons and symbolising prosperity at the same time. The popular belief with daffodils is when giving a hundred of them will ensure the receiver happiness.

Some things are better left unsaid and represented by beautiful flowers. Express your message and find the right words to say them.