The Return of the Fanny Pack

red heelsFashion experts have a love-hate relationship with women’s fanny pack. It is true that the fanny pack did not start out as a fashion accessory. It was a tribute to practicality, and became associated with men who wear floppy hats and long shorts with a camera slung around their necks.

Fashion is nothing if not fickle, however, and it seems that women’s fanny pack is making a comeback.

Long History defines a fanny pack as a small fabric bag with a zipper secured by a belt. It is so handy and accessible that it is standard military issue to hold everything from a handgun to night vision goggles.

The origins of the fanny pack are unknown, but it may have evolved from France in the 15th century when women would carry a small bag hung from a belt. The modern version, however, first came out in the 1980s.

Celebrity Endorsements

Anything can become accepted if celebrities are seen wearing them. More so if they endorse it, like Matthew McConaughey. He points out that “practicality wins out” and that it will come back into fashion soon.

His advice is to wear it slightly on the side to take away some of the nerd vibe, but that could also be just practical as well. Wearing it in the back (hence the name “fanny” pack) or front is just uncomfortable.

Fashion Forward

Fashion designers apparently believe that the women’s fanny pack has an undeserved reputation, and have taken steps to make it more acceptable to the fashion conscious. They changed the fabric, added tassels, used different shapes, slapped on a brand name, and voila! You now have a high-priced fashion accessory ideal for the active fashionista!

You do not have to pay the price, however (reputation or otherwise). Many reasonably priced fanny packs for women are out there. Go indulge your nerdy side!