The Role of Physical Therapy in Pain Management

a physical therapist workingMost Americans are familiar with the role of a physical therapist or physiotherapist (PT) in the management of chronic pain. Miami clinics like Family Medical Clinic Kendall explain that PTs give exercises and activities to develop muscle strength and endurance, promote postural stability and improve balance or maintain flexibility in affected joints.

Physical Therapy in Preventive Rehabilitation

Most people are unaware these professionals can also help in preventing pain and musculoskeletal disorders. The World Confederation for Physical Therapy defines the work of a PT is concerned with identifying and maximizing the quality of life and movement potential through treatment and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being. The role of a PT in preventing conditions that limit a person’s ability to move and function in daily life is clearly within the scope of the practice.

Preventing Pain in the Workplace

A physical therapist possesses the skills to assess and manage musculoskeletal conditions that can help office workers and factory workers in maintaining productivity. Musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders such as chronic low back pain, muscle overuse syndromes, and nerve compression disorders can greatly decrease an employee’s productivity and cause significant expense to the company. Physical therapists can improve occupational health among workers with timely and appropriate ergonomic interventions and by promoting good exercise habits.

Preventive Rehabilitation

Aside from providing interventions to improve symptoms of postural and movement problems, physical therapists offer assistance and guidance to promote musculoskeletal health, prevent injury, and lower the risk for secondary complications.

In geriatric rehabilitation, a PT can help reduce morbidity with interventions geared toward movement restoration and fitness promotion. In persons with neurological conditions, a PT can provide activities to prevent muscle atrophy and prevent deleterious consequences of limited mobility. PTs can help people with cardiovascular disorders with activities to improve stamina and prevent recurrence of cardiac events.

Exercise routines given by physical therapists in clinics in states like Miami are tailor-fit to the client’s needs. Ask your doctor for a recommendation for a PT for preventive management programs.