The Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Garden from Burglars

garden fenceSecuring your home is of utmost important, but it’s just as important to protect your garden and whatever items and fixtures you keep outdoors. Burglars aren’t choosy and will strike for anything that may be of value. Bicycles, outdoor furniture, and garden equipment like lawnmowers can be stolen if you don’t take the necessary steps to store these items properly or just keep them in your yard unsecured.

Reports suggest that many homeowners fall victim to garden crime, with bicycles being one of the most stolen items. If your garden contains valuable items, such as outdoor furniture, garden tools, barbecues, and children play equipment, it’s more important to ensure that the area is properly protected.

Here are a few ways to protect your garden from theft:

Burglar-Proof Your Fence

Make sure your walls and fences are in good condition. Low fencing makes a yard easier to access, so go for fence installations that are at least two metres high. Look for companies that install Colorbond fencing in Melbourne, Portland, Mildura, and other places in Victoria. Colorbond fencing is made from galvanised steel, which is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Add extra security measures to prevent thieves from climbing over. Border your fence with prickly shrubs and hedges that will make an uncomfortable landing for whoever falls on them.

Install Security Lights and Alarms

Other than alerting you of unwelcomed visitors, security lights and alarms are great deterrents. Thieves operate in darkness and silence. If your garden is well lit and fitted with alarms, you can deter them from picking your home as a target. If you already have a burglar alarm system in place, extend it to your garden and garage.

Take Precautions

The best way to keep thieves out of your property is to make life difficult for them. Install security lights in dark areas around the garden and reduce the number of places where they can hide by keeping shrubs and hedges low. Use gravel in the walkways; gravel is an excellent deterrent, as it makes noise when walked on. Never leave ladders and other garden tools outside. Not only do they make rich pickings, but they can also be used by burglars to break into your garage, shed, or home.

Your garden needs protection too—and sometimes it needs more protection than your house does. Secure the area by fitting a Colorbond fence and installing security alarms and systems around your property.