The Truth Behind 3 Wisdom Teeth Misconceptions

an x-ray of wisdom teethThe wisdom teeth, or third molars, can be intriguing and mysterious. No one knows exactly when it will erupt or emerge. It’s somewhere between the ages of 17 and 21, but you’ll never know for sure.

You might also worry about the possible problems they might cause. You cannot figure out their purpose. Anthropologists, though, believe that wisdom teeth are souvenirs from the past. Before, humans needed a bigger jaw and stronger teeth for their tough diet.

There are many beliefs surrounding wisdom teeth. But, should you believe them?

Myth #1: Everyone should have their wisdom teeth pulled.

The Truth:

Many dentists recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth, especially when they cause pain and other issues. Wisdom teeth may affect teeth positioning and, in rare cases, result in a cyst. If this is the case, have your wisdom teeth pulled. If you live around Ogden, there are oral surgeons to help you.

Not everyone, though, has problems with their wisdom teeth. For the lucky ones, their wisdom teeth are healthy and in an ideal position. People with bigger mouths have more room for wisdom teeth and fewer problems to deal with.

Myth #2: Everyone has four wisdom teeth

The Truth:

Not everyone develops four wisdom teeth. Some people only have two or three. In some cases, a person may have none.

Modern human diet explains this. If your wisdom teeth never came in, it may be because your body has adapted to its needs. It knew that you didn’t need to chew on roots, leaves, and tough meat anymore.

Myth #3: Extraction gets more painful when you age

The Truth:

Some dentists believe that removing wisdom teeth at a relatively young age lessens the trauma. But, this is not always true. Age does not play a role in wisdom teeth extraction. For other dentists, the removal of wisdom teeth requires close monitoring and a careful approach. The American Dental Association recommends extraction when there are pain and infection.

Although wisdom teeth may imply that you have reached an age of maturity, you still have to seek the expertise of a dentist. Yes, the internet can help you learn more about wisdom teeth, but it’s better to go to a professional for reliable opinions on what to do.