Things You Must Know About Teeth Cleaning

Woman getting dental cleaning treatmentTartar, or plaque, on your teeth is nasty. Try Google search to see how bad it can get. This is why dentists here in Manteca, CA and elsewhere offer deep teeth cleaning to get rid of it. Sadly, only about 34 percent of Americans understand this and undergo yearly checkups.

Always remember that brushing is not enough and deep cleaning can be very beneficial to your oral health. If you’re thinking of teeth cleaning, here’s what you should know.

Health Concerns

Gum disease is bad news – you should know this. Here’s how it works. Bacteria live on plaque and tartar. These microorganisms release toxins that trigger inflammation. It’s your body’s way of combating sickness. This results in red, swollen gums that bleed and are more susceptible to infections.

Before You Visit the Dentist

Teeth cleaning is not just for aesthetics. Tartar buildup on your teeth is harmful to the gums. It may cause gingivitis (gum disease) if left unchecked. Dentists may require deep cleaning upon inspection of your gums.

Healthy gums have 3 millimeters or less of periodontal pocket depth. Periodontal pockets are the spaces between your teeth and gums. If the spaces are deeper than normal, it may indicate gum disease. After which the dentist will scrape off plaque and tartar above and below the gum line.

Upon visiting the dentist, try determining if your mouth will have “special needs.” Understand that the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth might get into the bloodstream during the procedure. Normal, healthy adults have strong immune systems that can deal with this just fine.

But if your immune system isn’t good enough, it might be best to tell the dentist so antibiotics can be prescribed.

Teeth cleaning only lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. This, of course, depends on how severe the condition is, and whether your treatment requires additional procedures. Consider this if you’re in a bit of a rush.