Thinking Big With People Counters

Retail businessWhy, in the first place, did you embark on the retail business? The obvious answer is that it is a lucrative venture. Great things start small. You may still have a long way to go, but with the right support, you will get there.

You have invested time and money to open up your small business. You also have considered how big businesses started out with just a strong focus on a unique concept. To make it big in retail, you also have to recognize that new ways of doing things can help in attracting as many customers as possible.

Success, though, takes time. What can help you grow your business faster?

The perks of counting traffic

People counting should be part of your business strategy. The information related to the number of people entering your store is essential for you to make better and smarter decisions.

Strategic business decisions on marketing, staffing, security, even energy-saving schemes make for more profit. Sales information isn’t enough to help you determine your store’s performance. You have to also look into your customers’ behavior to know the factors that influence them when making a purchase.
Here are some types of people counters that businesses use:

  • Beams

Installers mount infrared sensors on both sides of the entrance. These sensors detect the person that passes through. This is a common option for businesses as it’s relatively affordable and easy to install. The sensors indicate how many people enter and how many people exit.

The sensors, however, may count two people as one when they come in together. A person standing at the doorway may also block them.

  • Overhead thermal system

Mounted above and at the center of an entrance, it can report data with as much as 95% accuracy. This can also tell whether a person walked in or out of your store. Its field of view, however, is quite limited and its performance is easily affected by weather conditions.

  • Video monitors

These can achieve 90-95% accuracy and can also monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. These can also track people’s movements within your store better. For them to work optimally, you need good lighting in your store.

Since every business is unique, a system that works for another may not work as well for your store. Asking reputable people counting solutions providers can help you identify which system or combination of systems would be best for your business.