Three Things You Need to Know About Double Chin Liposuction Surgery

Woman Getting Chin SugeryYou can have the standard weight for your height, but still have a “full” chin. If you can perform exercises that could remove the fat deposits in your chin, perhaps you will not be here reading about chin liposuction.

Unfortunately, there are no exercises specific and effective enough to quickly get rid of a double chin. Since you have the resources, it is a good time to have double chin surgery procedure done by Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills. Nevertheless, there are things you need to know.

What liposuction can achieve

A graceful neck contour is a sign of beauty. Even for men, a typical neck contour is desirable, because it also indicates good health. When performed properly, the jaw line and chin area will have a change in form. This is possible with the removal of excess fat from the chin area. Facial cosmetic surgeons guarantee a return to work after 5-7 days after undergoing the procedure.

What it takes to recover fully

The surgery requires incisions. Expect swelling, which takes time to go down, depending on your general health and other factors. The healing period may become longer when an additional tightening procedure is performed. Most of the time, chin liposuction must be carried out alongside the firming of sagging skin, in particular for those who already have poor skin elasticity due to advanced age.

What to expect

Once the cannula that is designed to remove excess fat is inserted into your chin, the natural contour of your neck will be revealed. It will have to heal first, or course, but a plastic surgeon can ensure proper execution of the procedure and minimal complications. What goes on during the operation? Standard neck liposuction procedure is simple and involves application of a local anesthetic. This type of liposuction can be accomplished only with a few incisions, which are strategically placed.

If you want to be rid of that double chin once and for all, explore the different types of procedures offered by plastic surgeons in your area.