Tiny but Mighty: Singapore

MilitarySmall is not always vulnerable in as much as small is not always weak, especially in world politics and international relations. The great powers that run the world at present are often accompanied by its massive size: the United States, China, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, among others.

These international players have made its name in the international field because of their, size and history thus giving them the power that they have at present. But there is always an exception to the rules – not all powerful countries are big countries. There is Singapore.

Singapore is a tiny country in the Southeast Asian region that has struggled and succeeded to not only protect itself from international hostilities (with great credits to the Singapore Armed Forces) but to also make its presence felt not only in the region but also to the world. 

World-class military capability 

Despite its small size, one would be surprised to know that Singapore has world-class military forces exhibited not only through its fully trained army but also through its military tools. In 2013, Singapore allocated $12 billion for its military budget while neighbouring Malaysia, which is way larger and more populated, only allotted $5 billion. Singapore might be the smallest country in Southeast Asia, but it has the biggest air force and hold the reputation of being the best trained, led and equipped militarily.

This comes as no surprise as the country is a big weapons buyer and has forged military deals with the U.S. and other powerful countries around the world. 

Tiny but mighty 

Singapore’s strong military forces were not achieved overnight. The tiny country was a former colony of Malaysia and is also bordered by Indonesia on one side. It is susceptible to being taken over, but through the leadership of Lee Kwan Yew and through the cooperation of the people, Singapore managed to have strong military forces which are improved year by year to help them maintain their independence, power, and influence in the region and in the world.

This is also the reason why the country takes pride in the Singapore Armed Forces, or SAF Volunteer Corps, both men and women, citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to take part in training and in serving their country. No one can protect their country but themselves, this is what Singaporeans have always lived by since their independence, thus the determined state of military capability.