Tips for First Time Microsoft Project Users

man typingMicrosoft Project Server is a software application that provides project management tools for business. The program, developed by Microsoft, allows users to manage and control project schedules and finances, organize work to make sure that projects are completed on schedule, and communicate and present project information.

Microsoft Project uses Microsoft SharePoint as its foundation, and supports both a web interface and Microsoft Project as the client application. Most companies today partner with Microsoft Project Server hosting providers for their project management needs.

Here are some tips for first time Microsoft Project users:

Conduct an Administrator and User Training

Microsoft Project is a valuable application for companies seeking to engage in project team collaboration and improve enterprise project management. But it isn’t a simple tool. Those who have used older versions of the server may still have a hard time using it. This is why it’s important to conduct proper user and administrator training before implementing the system. Some companies that provide hosting services for Microsoft Project offer free trainings.

Save Before You Publish

When working on a project plan, save your project before publishing it. This allows you to add more information to your work, review it, and modify it before publishing. Publish your work if you believe it contains enough information and ready for other project viewers on the server to see.

Understand the Life Cycle of Project Communications

At the heart of the Microsoft Project Server lies a cyclical update and assignment process between project managers and team members. This communicates life cycle flows through a series of steps, which start when the project manager publishes the project plan to the server database.

The server notifies the resources of the new task assignments after the plan has been published. The team members then update the progress of the projects. The project manager receives and reviews the task updates of each team member and publishes the latest project schedule.

Microsoft Project provides your organization with an extensive platform to manage and deploy the best practices for project management.