Tips for Proper Posture

From tired muscles to back injuries, poor posture may cause different problems. Good posture protects your back. Sitting, standing, and laying down the right way keeps your spine in proper alignment. It prevents stress on ligaments that hold spinal joints together, and keeps surrounding muscles working more efficiently. It also helps you avoid an abnormal spine position. Here are a few tips to keep your back straight and healthy.

Sitting straight requires you to plant both feet on the ground and distribute body weight evenly on both hips. Avoid slumping forward. Relax your shoulders. Let the chair support your lower and middle back. Align your knees with your hips. If you are using a computer, make sure the desk is at elbow level and the keyboard centered in front. Let your upper arms hang relaxed and your lower arms and wrists form a straight line.

When driving, adjust the seat to a comfortable distance from the wheel. The seat should support your back. Have your knees bent while your feet touch the pedals easily. Keep your knees at hip level or higher.

While standing, the balls of your feet should support your body weight. Relax your shoulders and keep them slightly back. Pull in your tummy and let your arms hang at your sides.
Use a firm mattress and a thin pillow for sleeping. Lay in a position that maintains your posture all night, like lying straight on your back. Putting a pillow under your knees may help with back pains.

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