Tips on Installing Drywall

man installing drywallInstalling drywall is a popular home improvement project. Before you put on your DIY hat, here are some tips to help you work with plasterboards:

Know the Right Board Thickness

Drywalls come in different sizes and thickness. In general, you need to use a ½” drywall for interior walls. When installing plasterboard between an attached garage and your home, consider contacting your local government office to make sure you meet the requirement for recommended fire rating.

Prepare Your Tools

To save time, have everything you need before you start working. Common materials you may use are plaster, corners, knives, tapes and sanding tool. Having knives in different sizes helps you cover surfaces faster. For instance, it’s easier to cover screws using a 6” knife. For the first coating of corners and seams, consider using a 10” knife. Use a 12” knife for the final coat. You will also need a drill, T-square for cutting board perfectly, measuring tape and hammer. When you need to cut around doors, windows, and electrical boxes, consider getting a rotary cutout tool.

Start with the Ceiling

Measure from one corner and move perpendicularly to the joist or strapping. When your panel doesn’t cover the entire surface, make sure it reaches the centre of a joist.

To determine where you should place screws on the panel, mark the sections where strappings intersect the wall. Start working from the top going down. Remember to start and finish on a stud. Typically, you should use screws every 9” on ceilings and 12” on walls.

With an assistant, lift the first panel to the ceiling. One end of the panel should be tight to the wall and the rest of the edges should be at right angles to the strappings.


You don’t necessarily have to cover the entire wall when you’re ready to apply a joint compound. It’s easy to get carried away with texturing a wall. Avoid putting too much compound, as it may crack when it sets. Applying a thin texture can create a good impact on your wall.

Installing a drywall doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right tools and assistance from a friend, you can finish a room in a few hours.