Top 3 Yamaha Scooters You Should Get

MotorcycleDon’t want the hassle of driving a car or riding the bus and train? A small vehicle like motor scooters might be a good choice for your daily commute. These are available in different sizes, models, and designs, allowing commuters to ride in style. If you’re planning to buy from well-known brands like Yamaha, you should be aware of your options.

Here are some scooters recommended by Five Star Yamaha and Biker Bits’ list of motorcycle bloggers in Australia:

YW125 BeeWee

This funky scooter has a four-stroke single cylinder air-cooled engine, which offers both resilience and performance. It runs on 125cc that makes it agile and responsive, especially during traffic. It allows rapid acceleration to make it easier to overtake and pull away from bigger vehicles easily. Its electronic fuel injection helps reduce emissions to save the environment and your budget.

XC125 Vity

This scooter combines performance and practicality to make the daily commute easier. It has a compact air-cooled four-stroke 125cc single-cylinder engine, which is the same as its sister product – the Yamaha BeeWee. Its dual seat helps accommodate a single passenger, while providing an under seat storage. It features a laid-out instrument panel, analogue speedometer, fuel gauge, and indicator lights, as well.

Manufacturers designed this with a weight of 110kg and a wheelbase of 1250mm. Along with a rear drum brake, its 153mm front disc brake makes the ride safer with its smooth stopping power.

Tricity Scooter

This lightweight urban commuter has three wheels (two in the front) for better stability. It runs on a 125cc engine and offers scooter-like agility, which allows beginners to ride at ease with a price they can afford. Its user-friendly features offer a simple yet enjoyable ride, so riders are comfortable to travel regardless of the road condition.

These are only some of the top Yamaha scooter models you can buy. Browse through their specifications to know if they’re suitable for your kind of ride.