Top 5 College Degrees Employers Seek the Most

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) released “Job Outlook 2012” which shows the college degrees employers seek the most. It was also reported the possibility of increasing the hiring percentage by 9.5 percent between 2011 and 2012.

  1. Finance
    People adept in numerical computations may opt to take a bachelor’s degree in finance. The Job Outlook report showed 61.3 percent of employers hire finance degree graduates. Different career opportunities are open for this college degree like financial analyst, personal financial advisors, and insurance underwriter.
  2. Accounting
    59.3 percent of employers plan to open positions for accounting graduates. Accounting majors would most likely gain skills in gathering, recording, and analyzing financial information. Possible careers for accounting graduates include positions like accountants, auditors, and budget analysts.
  3. Computer and information sciences
    With computers, smartphones, and gadgets becoming necessities in the corporate world, it’s no surprise employers would seek people with a degree in computer and information services. The Job Outlook showed 59.3 percent of employers are planning to hire graduates of this degree. They might open positions like network and computer systems administrator, computer programmer, and computer systems analyst.
  4. Electrical and mechanical engineering
    Innovative individuals may be open to engineering courses. 51.5 percent say they seek people who can build innovative devices and machines. Potential careers for electrical and mechanical engineering graduates may include electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and sales engineer.
  5. Business administration
    The Job Outlook reported 48.5 percent of employers look for people with exceptional leadership skills and a background in business administration. Graduates from this degree may pursue careers as a human resources specialist, market research analyst, and personal financial advisor.


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