Top Essentials for Traveling Abroad

Cruise ship in the middle of the ocean

Travelling is good for the mind, body, and soul. It eases the mind of troubles, uplifts the mood, and re-energizes the body, healing it until it becomes ready for another grueling year ahead.

However, before you board a plane for a week in New Zealand, or your LDS Israel travel and tours, make sure you have ticked off the following items.

Proper Identification and Travel Documents

Put your passport, visa documents, and other IDs in one bag where they won’t be folded or torn. You should have easy access to them.


Keep your mobile phone where you can easily reach it. At times of crisis, the first thing you hold is your phone so that you could contact emergency numbers and other helpful agencies. Bring a charger for your phone, too, and a power bank for good measure.

Camera and Journal

These two are essential for travelers, especially if you want to create a digital photo gallery of these places. The camera provides a digital documentary of your destination, while the journal is a good way to record names, places, and events in your travels. These are essential support materials in case your mobile phone loses power, or your camera acts up. Overall, these are the best travelling companions.

Map or City Guide

A map or guide is essential for any trip to a foreign country. You can buy these before your trip. Study the ins and outs of your destination. Check the itinerary and arrange for your transport. You should also remember to observe cultural norms and traditions. A city guide has maps and marked areas you might be interested in visiting, such as restaurants, shops, convenience stores, and other places of interest. It also contains a list of telephone numbers for police stations, hospitals, and hotels.


A phrasebook is handy, especially when you are taking an LDS Israel tour and struggle to use Yiddish. Know how to greet locals, how to ask questions without coming off as rude, and understand what the locals are saying.

Travel Insurance and First Aid Kit

You never know when a trek or a walk down the beach could become an emergency. Bring a First Aid Kit for small injuries. Travel insurance would help you in more serious situations, and give you medical care. Your insurance might not cover the trip, so make sure to get separate travel insurance.

Travelling is fun when you are prepared to face any situation, and you go to your destination with all the essentials. Let your trips be full of unforgettable moments, wondrous experiences, and impressive sights.