Top Four Reasons to Run PAT Testing in Your Workplace

Ensuring safety and security in the workplace is important. The increasing frequency of fire and electrical shock incidents in many companies has led to the establishment of certain rules regarding workplace safety. Portable Appliance Testing is one of the requirements set by the government to address the issue. Every business is required to run electrical PAT testing to make sure all pieces of equipment are working properly.

Here are the four most important benefits you can get when you undertake this type of test in your business premises.

A Safer Environment

Many employees die or suffer from serious burns due to electrical shock or fire. By running a PAT test or hiring qualified UK electrical testers, you can reduce the number of victims and provide a safer environment for your workers. This will also improve your working relationships and increase their productivity and efficiency rate. It’s great to work in a company that’s safe from any hazards.

Compliance with the Safety Rules

According to the Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989, businesses should properly maintain all electrical equipment to prevent danger. Tests like PAT will help you comply with this regulation. A reliable electrical testing company will provide the knowledge and information you need about the process. They normally test the following equipment and make sure they’re in good condition and free from any damage that may cause fire or electrical shock.
–  Portable Appliances (can be moved while connected to the power supply)
–  Movable Appliances (less than 18kg with rollers or casters for easy relocation)
–  Stationary Equipment (more than 18kg with no carrying handle)
–  Fixed Equipment (fastened or secured in a specified location)

Peace of Mind

You can have peace of mind knowing that you have complied with the rules and you have a safe working environment. There’s no need to worry much about safety hazards, as you know everything is under control. Enough precaution, however, is still important to avoid human errors.

Prolonged Equipment Life

Your equipment will have longer service life if you properly and regularly maintain them. This means fewer acquisition costs and increased savings for your company.

It’s time to improve your business’ safety and security features. Work with an experienced electrical contractor in the UK to ensure a safe workplace for you and your valued employees.

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