Top Three Event Planning Pitfalls You Should Avoid

setting up a wedding receptionWhen you have a corporate event coming up in a few months, there are aspects you have to cover. You want to ensure the smoothness of its flow, as your company’s reputation is on the line. Inexperienced event planners often commit common event planning mistakes that affect the good name of their firm, and these are errors you should avoid at all costs.

Lack of Knowledge

Not every executive knows how to implement a smooth event plan that would impress all guests, but many unexpected circumstances can easily overwhelm an amateurish event planner. The manager should be in control and have the right knowledge of what to do when a certain aspect of the occasion strays from the plan.

Short event planning courses in London suit those who have no idea on what they should do. These programmes equip you with the rules and guidelines you must follow before, during, and after an occasion. A good event manager applies the perfect melange of soft skills, risk assessment, and handling meetings. At the end of the day, an event is all about managing people’s impressions, which calls for a certain skill set.

Erroneous Resource Allocation

An event can be a vacuum for your company’s resources if done wrongly. Mismanagement results in delays and improperly communicated details. The chief person for the event should understand how the entire process works and which certain departments need more resources.

The idea of a corporate event might seem like a huge expenditure for startups. With the right people knowing where to put resources correctly, you could end up with a flawless event without going overboard on the costs.


When you ignore Murphy’s law, you’ll have a serious problem. Anything that could go wrong at the most inopportune time would probably go wrong. The largest and tiniest mistakes in an event could happen any second. Anticipate this all the time with backup plans and ideas for worst-case scenarios.

Early on, conduct an event risk assessment and brief your team about what could possibly derail the event’s smooth flow along with multiple ways that would likely mitigate these hazards. Understand the weak links before you proceed for the big night.

By avoiding these rookie mistakes, you’ll increase the chances of a flawless event. With the right mindset and backup plans for risks, you are well on your way to pulling off a smooth occasion your guests would remember.