Two Best Ways to Earn Money While on the Go in Malaysia

Rows Of US DollarsMalaysia has one of the robust economies in Asia. World Bank describes it as upper middle income, placing it among only 13 countries that post a growth of more than 7 per cent annually for at least 25 years. Furthermore, the country has successfully championed inclusive growth, which means wealth trickles down to the poorest of the population.

The opportunities are abundant in Malaysia as well, and many of them allow you to be more flexible not only with time but also location. You can now earn money while you’re on the move. Here are two ideas:


Freelancing attracts a growing number of professionals who want to be more in control of their income and time. According to 2010 Global Freelancers Survey, most of the freelancers live in North America followed by Europe. Asia came in third before Australia and Africa.

In Malaysia, most of the jobs available are in line with the growth of ICT industries in the Klang Valley region, the most popular projects are writing and graphic design. Still others take up part-time work as insurance or unit trust agents and even do promoter-type work for events. 


If freelancing allows you to earn active income, trading, meanwhile, gives you passive earnings. Simply put, you can make money with very minimal effort. Moreover, the rewards are also high, especially if you put your money in the right stocks.

Trading, though, is very risky if you are not well informed. To help reduce the risks, it’s important to keep a close watch on the market. Go for online share trading with the aid of an Internet-based brokering platform like Rakuten Trade. In this setup, you are able to get real-time market information, news, trading ideas as well as trade alerts through market research reports covering local and global markets. You can trade and monitor your account via your mobile devices as long as you have an internet connection while on the go.

These types of money-making opportunities are not for everyone, but they’re worth considering especially if you don’t want to get stuck at your desk all the time.