Utah: The Destination of Happiness

UtahSomeone once said, “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” This, however, is not always the case. Happiness can be a destination, and some of the latest studies show that it is a destination—one that happens to be in Utah.

The Happiest State of America

Wallet Hub, a personal financial resource, conducted a survey on the general well being of Americans. The market researchers took factors like physical and emotional wellbeing, work state, community, environment and recreational activities into account. Considering all these, the Beehive State emerged as the happiest state.

The report also found that more Utahns were engaged in sports and physical activities. This explains the low percentage of overweight or obese people. Stress at work is also one of the last things on the list of worries for Utahns because the state ranked number one in on the list of lowest median weekly hours worked. The report also confirmed how kind-hearted Utahns are. The state scored the top spot in terms of highest volunteerism rate.

The Positive Vibe Contagion

Utah may be the happiest state in America, but that doesn’t mean the good vibes are just for Utahns. People all over the world can certainly catch the positive vibe simply by exploring the great Beehive State.

One of the cities worth visiting is St. George. It is the perfect location for thrill and relaxation seekers and cultural enthusiasts. The question of where to stay in St. George shouldn’t be a worry, because the city is brimming not just with happy Utahns, but with happy hoteliers offering top-of-the-line accommodations.

Here are some things you should try doing in area:

Witness a play at Tuacahn. Complete the ultimate cultural experience of St. George by witnessing amazing productions at Tuacahn. There are accommodations that offer packages for these shows. Take advantage of those promos so you can save more for other travel expenses.

Explore the great outdoors at Pioneer Park. When it comes to scenic views and adrenaline-inducing activities, go rock climbing at this site.

Relax. St. George city is known for its spa and massage centers that are perfect for relaxation seekers. Take a break in these amazing recreational amenities after sweating it out in thrill-seeking outdoor adventures. Find peace in these relaxing locations, so you can recharge and re-energize.

Happiness is a destination. Make your way to Utah and catch the positive vibes