Video and SEO: Optimizing Promotional Videos for SEO

Youtube On ScreenA good way to increase customer engagement is by producing promotional videos. Videos, however, are not always the best at directing traffic from the search engines to your website. Google can’t index a video in the same manner as it indexes text on a page, after all. Despite this limitation, there are a few simple measures you can put into practice to optimize your videos.

Implement Video Sitemaps

Google, as well as other major search engines, recommend implementing video sitemaps to optimize promotional videos. This way, search engine robots can crawl through video content if you have a video sitemap. If you want to add video sitemaps for your site, make sure to read Google’s guidelines for creating a video sitemap first. Alternatively, you can search for video sitemap tools that can help optimize videos for SEO.

Upload Your Videos on a Third-Party Hosting Service

Look for third-party hosting services that can optimize your videos for you. It’s important to be aware of the options available to you when choosing a hosting provider. Go for video hosting services that will provide an embed code so that the actual home of your videos points to your site. Moreover, choose hosting services that will do the coding for your video content instead of doing all the work yourself. This can certainly save you a lot of time especially if you have a huge amount of video content.

Write Out Video Transcripts

Typing out a video transcript may seem like hard work, but it can help Google understand what a page on your website is about. It can also make the content accessible to people with disabilities who might visit your website. People who are deaf, for example, will surely benefit from the transcription you upload.

Implementing video sitemaps, using a third party video hosting service, and writing video transcripts are techniques you can adapt to get your promotional videos optimized for SEO. Make the most out of the video content you worked so hard to make by implementing these video optimization measures on a regular basis.