Ways In Preventing Slip Fall Injuries Due to Slippery Floors

preventing slippery floorsEvery year, slip and fall incidents have been among the top causes of injuries, hospitalisations, lost work time, workers compensation cost, sometimes even death. As such, it is the responsibility of the homeowner or the premise manager to ensure that the property floors are free from any slip fall hazards.

In fact, the Accident Research Centre of Monash University stated that older adults aged 65 years and above and younger children 9 years old and below are at highest risk of debilitating, sometimes life-threatening slip injuries. To help you keep your property safe, below are some of the tips that you might want to consider in keeping your floor slip-free.

Utilise Non-Slip Treatments

Today, there are many non-slip solutions available that can help you keep your floor safe from any slip and fall. Depending on the floor material, many non-slip floor-coating products in the market, like those of aicoatings.com.au, are sure to offer a non-slip grip without having to compromise the floor’s smooth, glossy appearance.

Keep Your Tile Spill-Free

One simple way to ensure that no slip-related incident will occur in your floor is by keeping it spill-free. Water, grease, liquid soaps, and almost all other fluids can make your floor slippery and so wiping it away immediately can help prevent incidents from happening.

Choose Better Flooring Materials

There are flooring materials that are less prone to slippage. Porcelain, tiles, and ceramic flooring materials, for instance, are relatively more slippery than rubber or concrete floors. You may also want to consider using non-slip floor accessories, such as floor mat grip tapes to help prevent rugs and mats from slipping. In some commercial spaces, heated entrance floor mats are utilised to dry shoes and to prevent the accumulation of water and snow in entrances.

A nice grip on the floor means you are safe from slip fall incidents that may translate into injuries, hefty medical bills, and lost productivity. By keeping your floor slip-free, you are a step closer in making your property hazard-free.