What Women in Utah Need and Demand

Group of womenGlobally, many issues affect women's health and careers. Through the efforts of many women in previous eras, women now enjoy benefits and opportunities that a few decades ago were not available to them. 

However, workplace benefits and conditions for women in Utah have some good news and bad news. Here are three things that women in Utah are trying to address.

Wage Gap

The problem persists in Utah, sadly. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, women are earning 71 cents for every dollar that a man earns doing a relatively similar job. That might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but Debra Ness of the National Partnership for Women and Families says, "Utah women lose a combined total of more than $7.3 billion every year."

Awareness is a major contributor to how this issue can be solved. The more legislators are made aware of the problem and how it cannot be ignored, the sooner they can work on an amendment that corrects the divide. Though Utah's wage gap is not the worst among states, it still needs changing.

Involvement of Women in Politics

Several national issues involve women, but very few female representatives from Utah are there to raise their voice. Real Women Run and other organizations in the state aim to make women more vocal regarding what they want to happen to the State, particularly in bills concerning the household and parenthood. There is a need for women to do more than just passively vote. "We ought to be having at least half of our political leaders as women," shares Patricia Jones of the Women's Leadership Institute.


Homelessness is not so much a gender-specific problem as it is a statewide problem, but women in Utah still need to be involved in the issue. They are, after all, caretakers of the household. Women may be working alongside their partner or choosing to stay at home to take care of the kids; whatever their living arrangement, they have a hand in making sure the household has enough funds. Particularly, mortgage payments should not be missed, as this could result in foreclosure or if the family is renting, eviction. A mere look at homeless shelters in the State would reveal how challenging this issue is.

For many residents of Utah, they need to be aware of the issues that affect women also affect families and eventually the community. When these issues are resolved, the effects will benefit women and their families.