What You Should Know About Botox

Woman getting botox injectionBotox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market today. It’s been this way for a long time, mainly due to the benefits that people can see in a short time. Experts still count Botox as among the most sought-after aesthetic procedures this year, and for good reason. But, aestheticians at JW Aesthetics note that before going for Botox shots in Chester and elsewhere, you must be knowledgeable of the procedure. This is to ensure optimal results while keeping you a picture of health.

The Basics

The name Botox comes from two words: botulism toxin. Before you react adversely to the word ‘toxin,’ hold on for a bit. Administration of Botox is extremely controlled, especially if done by certified professionals. This makes the procedure very safe. Injecting the compound into a specific area of the skin affects a set of nerves. It paralyses the muscles underneath that skin area, keeping them from forming wrinkles. Controlled dosage can significantly decrease wrinkling, or even make wrinkles disappear. However, the body regenerates these nerves so the process can reset. This is why people opt for regular Botox injections to stay wrinkle-free, often used in tandem with dermal fillers – although Botox and fillers are two different procedures.

Should You Opt For Botox?

It is not advisable to undergo Botox without prior consultation. There is a reason Botox dosages are very controlled. Upon the initial consultation, the attending practitioner will first study the face’s natural movements. This is to ensure that after the injection, the Botox won’t make your face look droopy and expressionless. It involves temporal paralysis of the muscles, after all. It’s all about overall safety and after-treatment satisfaction more than anything else.

Some people might ask about the appropriate age for Botox injections. A few young people are even hoping that Botox can help them eliminate wrinkles before they naturally appear. Professionals can’t recommend Botox to specific age ranges due to unique needs, preferences, and facial requirements. Almost anyone can undergo Botox treatment, as long as it’s from a certified practitioner.