Which is Best for Thinning Blood – Turmeric or Praxada?

BleedingThrombosis, or blood clots, is the cause of many deaths worldwide. It chokes bloodstreams, which may lead to stroke or heart attack. Canada’s yearly deaths from heart ailments still rank lower than America, and adults are slowly steering towards healthy eating. Nonetheless, heart conditions, and blood clots, are universal health problems and a number of its residents will end up dealing with it.

Every advice column always says that the best solution to thrombosis is proper diet, which is correct. Healthy eating alone, however, will take time before making major impact on heart conditions. Exercise, and more importantly, medications can assist someone’s recovery from a cardiac condition.

In turn, people turn to Turmeric and Praxada.

Why Choose Turmeric?

In its basic form, Turmeric is Chinese medication. It is prepared from a herb called Curcuma longa, which is s a spice and medicine. Unlike other anticoagulants in the market, Turmeric will produce no side effect when prepared properly. It’s main ingredient, Curcumin, makes it the perfect anticoagulant because it stops platelets from clumping together.

Mixing it with aspirin, diclofenac, dalteparin, naproxen and other medications will result in bruises. Pregnant women are also advised not to take Turmeric.

Why Choose Pradaxa?

Taking Praxada is much less maintenance and had fewer side effects. Additionally, it’s much easier to order Praxada in Canada. Not only is it useful for preventing blood clots; it also works for arterial fibulation.

The limitations for Praxada, however, are much bigger than Turmeric. People with artificial heart valves, active bleeding from a surgery, stomach ulcer and many more conditions prohibit them from taking Praxada.


There can be no predicting which will work better, but it will be better to judge it based on availability. Both can help prevent thrombosis, but pre-existing conditions will also play in people’s choice.

Sure, there are pricey, one-time treatments, but not everyone has that much money to spare. These medications give people a more affordable way to be healthy.