Why Travel to Tanzania?

Tanzania is a developing East African country known for its stability and natural beauty. In 1964, the United Republic of Tanzania was formed along with the union of the Tanganyika and the Zanzibar archipelago. Its wealthy wildlife, mineral, and natural reserves are amongst the reasons many people visit this country.

Its tourism industry has been growing for the past years, as it provides different activities for every traveller. Here are some reasons you should visit Tanzania:

Nature Safari

Tanzania is proud of its wildlife ecosystem. National parks and game reserves are available in remote places, such as the Selous and Mahale Mountains. Travellers can enjoy a preserved nature and rich biodiversity. These include lions, African hunting dogs, chimpanzees, and wildebeests.

Mountain Climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the seven “Natural Wonders of the World” is a good destination for adventurers who want to have a unique climbing experience. Travellers can experience what it feels like to be on the topmost part of Africa. OlDonyoLengaior the Mountain of God is another destination travellers shouldn’t miss. This active volcano in Tanzania reaches about 9,650 feet above sea level.

Indian Ocean Beach

For travellers who are looking for a holiday all inclusive vacation, beach hotels in Pongwe are the ideal place for relaxation. These facilities provide guests with the opportunity to unwind on the soft white sandy beaches, while enjoying the view of the ocean. These allow them to have a private with their family, friends, and relatives.

Cultural Experience

Tanzania’s different tribes and cultures give travellers a chance to encounter other ways of life, rites, and rituals. A local community tour is available at the Usambara Mountains and Zanzibar Island. Travellers can have a taste of the sweet aromas of different plants that locals use for cooking.

Travel to Tanzania to discover more activities and travel destinations, like a Pongwe beach hotel, marine life, and national park. Search online for travel agencies to get special offers and packages.

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