Winter is Coming: Preparing Your AC for the Cold Days

Man Maintaining Air Conditioner for Proper PerformancePreparing your air conditioner for the winter is as important as preparing it for the summer. Air conditioning units are not only damaged from overworking the system. There are also external factors that can severely damage the units. For example, the cold weather and the snow could cause the buildup of corrosion.

Before winter comes in – or as soon as summer ends – take measures to protect your AC from the winter weather and your bank account from potential repair costs.

Have the Unit Checked by HVAC Professionals

If you live in a warm place like Phoenix, AZ or Gastonia, NC, your AC unit may be subject to big repairs because of the extra work it does during the really hot summer months. However, even the cold can harm your unit.

Have your AC system inspected by HVAC professionals so they can give you advice on the best protection for the unit throughout the cold season.

Switch the Circuit Off

Simply turning off the unit is not enough. You have to switch off the circuit itself to prevent it from accidentally powering up. This also keeps water from entering the unit and getting frozen there. The ice inside the unit can wreak havoc. For instance, the melting ice may lead to rust inside the AC unit.

Wrap it Up

Use a waterproof plastic or vinyl cover to protect the exposed part of your unit – especially if it is a central air conditioning system. Then, with cords, secure the cover in place so the winter wind does not blow it away. This is important so your AC is protected from snow, ice, and water.

Preparing your entire home, including your HVAC system, before the cold days come can help you save money. By simply checking or covering your unit, you can prevent damage – big or small – and save big bucks. After the season, your unit just needs a little more cleaning. Then, the AC is good to go.