Woman’s Unusual Sale Has Charities Dubious

Catarina Migliorini, a beautiful young student from Brazil, is waiting in Indonesia for an auction to end – an auction that has made her infamous recently. John Sisely, an Australian filmmaker, has for two years been working on a documentary film tracking virgins in the process of losing their virginity. As part of the film, Catarina has agreed to auction off her virginity – and so far, with one week to go, bidding has reached as high as $190,000. Given the inevitable infamy of being featured in such a film, it’s surprising that anyone would be willing to volunteer for such a role – and in fact, Sisely has stated that he had problems getting someone to participate. Apparently some would agree to it, then have second thoughts under the chiding and teasing of their friends and family.

But for Catarina, the whole thing is just a business transaction – although she has offered to donate some of the proceeds to establish housing for poor families in her native town in south Brazil, the news of which has made the story spread there. But AOL reports in “Catarina Migliorini, Woman Auctioning Her Virginity, At Odds With Organizer Over Charity Claims” that charities may not be willing to be associated with such a sale, seeing it as a bad precedent.

No matter how charities feel about it, Catarina will still get paid for the auction. Will that money be used to help those in need? If those charities are truly devoted to helping their communities, that answer will be yes.


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