Worth More Than a Thousand Words: The Art and Culture of Brisbane

Brisbane at nightBrisbane is a centre of cultural offerings, festival and events—awe-inspiring art exhibitions sit alongside theatre productions, street art, outdoor cinemas, and performance spaces.

The place hosts every fashion of artistic endeavour, with a treasure trove of galleries, theatres, and museums. It is a place full of cultural hotspots and eclectic heritage sites and buildings, perfect for those who want to find their cultural soul in Brisbane.

Gallery of Modern Art

The best place to start is Queensland’s premier visual arts institution, the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). The art mecca has more than 10,000 Australian artworks, as well as those from historical and contemporary artists, ranging from paintings, to sculptures, photography, and even film. There are also many esteemed international exhibitions to have toured here, including the artworks of the late Andy Warhol.

Brisbane/RNA Showgrounds

You can find the iconic Brisbane Showgrounds, where more than 80,000 people each year come to enjoy different events. More popularly called RNA showgrounds, this social heritage site is an integral element in the life of Queenslanders. Every generation of people living in Brisbane has had some history of attending an event here.

Many people who visit Brisbane book accommodations near the RNA showgrounds as it is fast becoming one of the region’s most visited destinations. Some showgrounds accommodation caters specifically to tourists who travel all the way to Brisbane to witness the annual festivals, bazaars, and expos.

Queensland Performing Arts Centre

The Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) sits across the Brisbane River. It houses the Lyric Theatre, Playhouse, Cremorne Theatre, Concert Hall, and other entertainment areas.

Primarily designed for orchestral performances, the performing arts centre is one of the country’s most magnificent concert venues. The Klais Grand Organ is the centrepiece of its architecture, sitting with its impressive array of 6,500 magnificent pipes.

The spectacular art and culture of Brisbane are not only present in its galleries, showgrounds, and performing arts centres. A simple walk through the city itself reveals more, with all the street art, more galleries, and more museums for you to wander through.