Yoga Helped Obese Man Lose 100 Pounds

An obese man lost 100 pounds because of a new, high-intensity yoga, creating a massive stir in the Internet. 47 year old Arthur Boorman lost weight using DDP, a form of yoga that does without the physical and spiritual discipline of Hindu yoga.

Diamond Dallas Page, a former wrestler, thought of creating DDP to add more intensity to the yoga we know. As yoga involves strength and flexibility, Page concentrated on these to create slow, deep resistance to movements. The body works against itself, helping it lose weight.

In the past, Boorman was a Gulf War veteran who suffered from serious back issues. The stress led him to become obese, which made it difficult to walk without leg braces. He thought yoga would help cure his back pain, but yoga studios turned him down. He said he found out about DDP when he was up late and searching the Internet for yoga and broken back cures.

He acquired Page’s DVDs and was surprised to find satisfying results. He eventually began to lose weight and became stronger. According to him, focusing on getting the work done made him achieve the results he wants. Changing his lifestyle like eating more vegetables and less processed foods also helped him lose weight. It took him around a year to achieve what he has now. Boorman now teaches DDP to others, helping and encouraging them to lose weight.

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